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In 1997, with an intention of paying back to their motherland, a group of visionary Pakistani American visionaries created the Human Development Foundation (HDF) and gifted it to Pakistan on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.

As transformational leaders with deep roots in Pakistan, we are passionate about human development and poverty eradication. Two decades later, our quest for positive social change remains at the forefront and we, at the foundation, work tirelessly to help people have healthy and prosperous lives.


“To become a center of excellence known for progressive and transformational human development programs.”


“To Facilitate a Non-Political Movement for Positive Social Change & Community Empowerment through Grassroots Human & Economic Development.”


Fiscal Responsibility


We realized that the poverty complex is like the Multi-Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS) where the patients’ health cannot be restored by just addressing complications of one organ or system”, D r. Khalid Riaz – Chairman HDF

HDF believes that poverty is multi-dimensional and like an octopus, strangles the poor with its multiple tentacles. Loosening the grip of one, does not mean freedom from poverty. It’s not just about low-income levels but is endemic in households and communities which have limited opportunities, few assets, low literacy and health status, inaccessibility to essential facilities, and lack of social, economic and political participation. One needs to break free from all the tentacles simultaneously.


Annual Report 2020

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History to Remember

Since its inception, HDF has been using a unique holistic model to transform communities with progressive and impactful programs, successfully improving the quality of lives across Pakistan. Working in four provinces of Pakistan and AJK, HDF strives to meet the needs of the most vulnerable, facilitating them towards a better present and a brighter future.

Our philosophy of helping people help themselves has taken root in program areas across the country. Within each area of focus, our responsibility remains the same; empower communities and individuals with the tools and resources needed to achieve and sustain a better way of life. HDF is striving to eradicate multidimensional poverty in our program areas through our unique Power of Five program and throughout the country through our advocacy campaigns. Thanks to our donors and supporters, today the foundation reaches over 2 million people through its holistic programming that inspires deep and lasting change.


volunteers testimonial

We feel great pleasure in saying that we have worked with this organization in many successful projects including ASER Pakistan Survey 2013. With such an amazing work experience, we strongly recommend HDF for the subject Prize and wish them luck for their future endeavors to bring about lasting solutions to end multifaceted poverty in Pakistan and across the globe.

Waqas Hameed Bajwa

Deputy Director Marketing & Partnership Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITACEC)

volunteers testimonial

When HDF visited our village, I started visualising myself as a social development worker. HDF supported us throughout the formation of our organisation and provided us with community & business management training to help improve grassroots level development.

Ishfaq Baloch

Volunteer/Social Worker - Tandoo Muhammad Khan