In 1997, on the occasion of Pakistan’s 50th anniversary of independence, a group of Pakistani American visionaries came together to work for human development in Pakistan and launched The Human Development Foundation. As transformational leaders with deep roots in Pakistan, they were passionate about human development and poverty eradication.

Nearly twenty years later, our quest for positive social change remains at the forefront, and we at the foundation, work tirelessly to help people have prosperous lives. Over the last 2 decades now, HDF has been battling multi dimensional poverty, through our unique “Power of Five” model of Holistic Community Development. Our programs have benefited over 2.3 Million people, and we continue to grow. HDF is striving to eradicate multidimensional poverty in our program areas through our unique Power of Five program and throughout the country through our advocacy campaigns.


To Become a Center of Excellence Known for Progressive and Transformational Human Development Programs.


To Facilitate a Non-Political Movement for Positive Social Change and Community Empowerment through Mass Literacy, Enhanced Quality of Education, Universal Primary Health Care and Grassroots Economic Development.


Transparency In Everything We Do.
Honesty & Integrity In Every Aspect Of Our Work.
Partnerships Built On Strong Relationships.
Shared Vision & Responsibility.
Creating Value For Our Communities & Donors.

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