Promoting equitable quality education for all, ensuring all
children, especially girls, realize their full potential

Providing quality education to children in marginalized communities is our flagship program. HDF works hard to make sure learning is always an enjoyable experience for children. The education program is designed to teach them decision making by helping them learn life skills including critical and analytical thinking. Teaching civic sense is also an integral part of the program. This molds them into productive members of the society.

We lay special emphasis on gender equality and community participation while taking local norms and culture into account. Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) encourage community participation and keeps parents involved in their children’s schooling process.

We have been establishing and maintaining non-formal and formal schools under this program for primary and secondary levels. We also conduct enrollment campaigns for HDF schools besides facilitating student enrollment in other schools. In addition to building our schools with modern facilities, we also provide contemporary training to our teachers by conducting regular teachers training programs to improve their teaching skills.

Sustainable Development Goal 4

  • Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Sustainable Development Goal 5

  • Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

HDF recognizes the potential of students. We go an extra mile particularly for those students who demonstrate excellence, achievement, and promise. Our Education program helps them access opportunities withe th financial assistance they cannot enjoy on their own. The HDF Thanks Scholarship is a performance-based award for students. We seek to promote a healthy, competitive learning environment amongst the students and instill in them a high degree of confidence through this scholarship program. This annual scholarship plays a critical role in encouraging promising students to pursue their educational goals contributing positively to the socio-economic development of society.

Sponsored by Maria-Helena Foundation Canada, Dr. Abdus Salam Scholarships are merit based awards offered to students who obtain highest marks in the Middle School Board Examination within their cohorts from the same school and have opted the Science subject in Class-9 in HDF Schools. Each scholarship is guaranteed for a period of two years subject to satisfactory performance. The scholarship is disbursed on a monthly basis from the start of academic session.


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