HDF – BSDKWT Kharian Project

Sponsored Projects

This project has been sponsored by Brigadier Sahib Dad Khan Welfare Trust (BSDKWT). The project began in March 2016 with March 2018 as the target date of completion.

The Kharian project was initiated with the joint effort of BSDKWT and HDF to promote the services and facilities available at BSDKWT compound located in Punjan Kissana, Kharian.

The principal stakeholder, BSDKWT, has created facilities such as an eye care hospital, a vocational and technical training institute and a primary school in its compound.

HDF has been developing social capital in the residing and neighboring communities. The activities in 2017 included capacity building of VDOs through trainings on development of Basic Community Management Skills. Some 14 VDOs have been formed to date which are effectively involved in the development of their villages. Moreover, 12 females have completed their course from an Adult Literacy Center developed in Baiga with the full support of their community. Another 30 women have been identified for enrollment in a Vocational Training Center in Karam Bagh.

HDF also conducted meetings with community and stakeholders for village development, as well as collaboration meetings with The Citizen Foundation and the Hunar Foundation among others.

To initiate an enrollment campaign to mobilize students for technical/diploma courses in Hunar Foundation was discussed by HDF with various stakeholders in the area such as the Akhuwat Foundation and the Social Welfare office in Kharian.

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