HDF – KBL Business Partnership

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The HDF-KBL partnership was initiated in 2002 and expanded to 55 locations by the end of 2017.

During the year, HDF mobilized 65,792 underprivileged men and women into 13,220 credit groups and linked them to KBL for cumulative disbursement of approximately PKR 1,644 million. Access to financial resources has helped these people respond better to economic opportunities, manage risks, expand business, diversify income streams and protect their income against tough times. We aim to continue this productive alliance for economic development to successfully alleviate poverty.

All our programs our aligned with the SDG’s and are benchmarked against global best practices.

Our communities are just not institutions, but rather movements that have taken a life of their own.

HDF is a grassroots organization, focused on systemic change, by inclusive and holistic community development.

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