HDF-PPAF Program for Poverty Reduction (PPR)

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Phase III of our collaboration with Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) for the poverty reduction project funded by Government of Italy in Zhob Region of Baluchistan began in April 2017 and will be completed by June 2018.

The project looks at various aspects of development such as the development of grassroots community institutions, improvement of educational and health facilities. Under Livelihood Enhancement and Protection, the program looks to establish an effective social safety net in favor of the population’s most deprived groups, particularly women, children, old people and the disabled.

This project has focused on social mobilization of women along with the men for community development. Out of 146 community organizations, 57 (40%) are women community organizations. PPR has also been involved in giving the local population access to basic social and health services, including education. A total of 12 schools are being supported which includes 10 government schools and two community schools, as well as two coaching/learning centers. Two health facilities are also being supported which includes one Basic Health Unit and one rural health center. Over 1,450 consultation visits to primary healthcare services have taken place through PPR supported health facilities. Almost 500 men, 1000 women and over 800 children have benefitted from primary health care services, and more than 300 children have been immunized.

Over 40 extremely vulnerable and poor households (PSC 0-18) comprising 45% women and 10% Person with Disabilities (PWD), had assets distributed among them. In addition, six out of nine disaster resilient, gender sensitive, PWD friendly infrastructure projects were initiated.

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