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Human Development Foundation (HDF) Pakistan is a social movement to fight multidimensional poverty. Driven by the love of people, the mission of HDF is to empower communities and individuals with the tools and resources needed to achieve and sustain a better way of life. HDF believes everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, and be given equal opportunities to succeed in life.It reaches out to more than 2.4 million people in over 2700 villages across the country. This is made possible by a holistic paradigm known as, “Power of Five” that delivers high-quality program models at the field level.

The Power of Five paradigm harnesses strategic networking and partnerships for continuous learning, knowledge sharing by optimizing digital technology and innovation developing, showcasing and strengthening effective brand awareness. Building up on its successes in achieving the Millennium Development Goals, HDF has now aligned its interventions with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our holistic approach provides diverse and sustainable solutions in Primary Healthcare (PH), Education and Literacy (E&L), Economic Development (ED), Sustainable Environment (SE) and Social Capital Development (SCD) across the country. In addition to these regular program services, HDF also plays an active role in relief and rehabilitation work during national calamities and disasters. HDF is trusted locally as well as globally for its self-driven system of consistent resource generation realizing organizational sustainability.


HDF is proud to have formed partnerships across the globe with several renowned organizations working to build societies in Pakistan. Our esteemed partners include government organizations, institutional donors, local groups, philanthropists and corporate firms. HDF is continuously building their pool of public and private partners and creating synergies with various groups and individuals interested in the development of Pakistan.

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