Situation Room

Kashmir Earthquake – September 24, 2019

On the evening of Tuesday, 24 September 2019, a massive earthquake of 5.8 magnitudes hit northern Pakistan and Mirpur area in Azad Jammu & Kashmir. It also jolted regions in Punjab, KPK, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi, causing major damage to life and infrastructure. In the hour of need, Human Development Foundation (HDF) responded quickly and sent its operations team which immediately reached Mirpur to assess the damage and formulate an urgent plan of action.

The team is meeting local authorities and decision-makers. From relief to rehabilitation, HDF possesses the required expertise and experience. They will be put at local authorities’ disposal immediately and most effectively. HDF has always initiated relief and rehabilitation activities whenever a natural calamity has occurred.

The 2005 earthquake caused colossal damage to life and property, and HDF contributed to best of its capacities by providing shelters, constructed schools and vocational training centers, and helped people earn a modest livelihood. The legacy of the best human development contribution continues to date with immediate relief action and plan from HDF in this catastrophe in AJK.

Updated September 26, 2019: As reported by reliable sources death toll from the earthquake climbs to 38 as relief operations continue. HDF team visited the Mirpur District and nearby villages, the loss to both life and infrastructure is saddening, however, local authorities and organization from adjoining cities participated in the relief efforts. *Read Picture description for details.