To Become a Center of Excellence Known for Progressive and Transformational Human Development Programs.

To Facilitate a Non-Political Movement for Positive Social Change and Community Empowerment through Mass Literacy, Enhanced Quality of Education, Universal Primary Health Care and Grassroots Economic Development.

Transparency In Everything We Do.
Honesty & Integrity In Every Aspect Of Our Work.
Partnerships Built On Strong Relationships.
Shared Vision & Responsibility.
Creating Value For Our Communities & Donors.


For over two decades, HDF has been striving to eradicate multidimensional poverty through its unique model of holistic community development. HDF is one of the highest rated Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) by Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP) and is registered under section 42 of the Companies Act, 2017. HDF is privileged to operate in Pakistan under a valid MOU duly signed with Economic Affairs Division (EAD). We dream of a Pakistan:

Where communities are vibrant and self-sustaining

Where healthcare is for all          .

Where clean drinking water is not a luxury

Where communities are vibrant and self-sustaining




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