SOCIAL CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT Empowering people through village-centric holistic community development EDUCATION & LITERACY Promoting quality education for all children, ensuring girls realize their full potential PRIMARY HEALTHCARE Nurturing healthy community where no mother or child dies due to any preventable cause ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Fostering self-reliance through equitable access and control over economic resources SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENT Developing cleaner, greener and healthier lifestyle to reverse environmental degradation and protect the ecosystem UMEED SAY AAGAY A mother & child wellness campaign by HDF ACT AGAINST TOBACCO Protecting Youth through strong legislation policy on tobacco control


Twenty years of saving and transforming lives

For over two decades, HDF has been striving to eradicate multidimensional poverty through its unique model of holistic community development. HDF is one of the highest rated Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) by Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP) and is registered under section 42 of the Companies Act, 2017. HDF is privileged to operate in Pakistan under a valid MOU duly signed with Economic Affairs Division (EAD).

To Become a Center of Excellence
Known for Progressive and Transformational
Human Development Programs.

To Facilitate a Non-Political Movement
for Positive Social Change
and Community Empowerment
through Mass Literacy,
Enhanced Quality of Education,
Universal Primary Health Care
and Grassroots Economic Development.

Transparency In Everything We Do
Honesty & Integrity In Every Aspect Of Our Work
Partnerships Built On Strong Relationships
Shared Vision & Responsibility
Creating Value For Our Communities & Donors


Aligned with SDGs & complementing government’s strategic priorities


Human Development to the forefront


Joining hands to fight extreme poverty in Pakistan


Together, we are making a difference

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