Our philosophy of “helping people help themselves” is based on the principles of harnessing the potential of partner communities. Within each area of focus, our responsibility remains the same; empower communities and individuals with the tools and resources required to achieve and sustain a better way of life.
We play the role of a catalyst for better present and brighter future of underprivileged communities.

With overall well-being of humans at the center stage, our program model is based on the concept of human development by Dr. Mahbub ul Haq, and is a practical demonstration of his thoughts, which are basis of the whole framework of international development i.e. sustainable development goals. We believe that poverty alleviation and human development is only possible when critical challenges of education and literacy, primary healthcare, livelihood and food security, sustainable environment, and social capital development are addressed simultaneously.

“The real wealth of a nation is its people. And the purpose of development is to create an enabling environment for people to enjoy long, healthy, and creative lives. This simple but powerful truth is too often forgotten in the pursuit of material and financial wealth.”

— Dr. Mahbub ul Haq,
International Development Theorist, 1934 – 1998

Our Approach

A Holistic Model

We firmly believe that multi-dimensional challenge of poverty can only be addressed through holistic approach. Social Capital Development is cross-cutting and foundation of each program of HDF as we place overall well-being of partner communities at the center stage and progressively follow holistic model to transform communities through impactful interventions. Education & Literacy, Primary Healthcare, Livelihoods & Food Security, Sustainable Environment, and Partnerships are key pillars of our program to help communities move from poverty to prosperity.

Education & Literacy

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    150,000 Advocates of Article 25A – Right to Education
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    100,000 Children enrolled
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    1,800 Teachers trained
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    869THANKS scholarships awarded
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    300 Participants completed Adult Literacy Course
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    250 Schools established (51 schools currently running across Pakistan)
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    100% Digitally connected schools
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    65% Girls enrollment